Raise Your Mic 2019

Performers must be age 14 or older. All performers under age 18 must have a parent/guardian sign a permission form at auditions. Small groups are allowed, but must be 5 or fewer performers. Unless you are accompanying yourself, your performance should be acapella. Performances at finals can be back by recorded music, if required. An electric piano will be available at auditions for performer use, and a piano will be available at the finals. You may also use acoustic guitar, but must provide your own instrument. You must use the same song at your audition that you would plan to use at the finals, and it must be memorized. All song choices are subject to the judges' approval, so make sure it is appropriate for all audiences! Auditions and final performances will be held at The Weber Center for the Performing Arts.

Dress rehearsal will be held on the evening of Monday, July 15th, and the performance will be held on the evening of Tuesday, July 16th. Participants must be available for *both* dates.

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Depending on the number of performers, you may be required to wait past your audition time.

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